K7 Adventures
473: Lake Elysia sunrise with Walled Mt. on left to Mt, Geryon & The Acropolis on right
500: sunset fading ridges from Du Cane Range
502: Mount Gould & Frenchmans Cap
499: Red sunset fading ridges from Du Cane Range
501: Frenchman's Cap, Lake Elysia The Acropolis
497: The Acropolis at sunrise
498: The Acropolis sunrise reflection Lake Elysia
496: Storm clouds & moon over Mt. Geryon
495: Vegetation, Frances Bluff SWNP
494: Sunrise over Mt. Anne SWNP
493: Pandas sunset from Mt Anne & lake Pedder
492: Dolerite boulder fields Mt Anne & lake Pedder
490: Pandas with sunset views to Lake Pedder -
491: Mt. Eliza Misty sunrise SWNP
489: Pandas vegetation, Mount Anne with sunset Lake Pedder