541: Skiing first tracks into Little Austria in Kosciuszko
540: Introductory Snowcraft Course camp kitchen
539: Skiing into Lady Northcotes Canyon from Alice Rawson Peak
537: Spectacular icy encrusted Ramshead Tors
538: Katie skates past Blue Lake
536: Snowcraft clients build their first exciting Igloo
535: Ski Tour to Seamans Hut pass under Etheridge
534: Sam skies off Watsons Crags
533: Katie enjoys the view from Watsons Crags
532: Great day tour to The Paraliser
542: Daves at home with views to The Sentinel
531: Deb & Pieta cross the mighty Snowy River
530: Fun Kosi Snowcraft Adventure Tour
529: Zac skates the Perisher X-Country Ski Trails
528: Skiers view The western faces from Alice Rawson Peak